Daisy Bateman

Germany, Day 1: SFO to Sindelfingen

Have arrived in Stuttgart, or, to be more precise, Sindelfingen, where the Marriot is, after a shockingly long day. We began at SFO, where we had arrived with plenty of time to spare, more than enough to get through security, find our gate, find a store that sold European plug adapters, call both our dads … Read more

The Pre-Trip Freak-Out

I’m leaving for Germany in about five hours, so of course I am panicking, just a little bit. You know, worrying about what I haven’t done and/or packed, what I still have to do/pack and all ways I could manage not to catch my cab. Plus general free-floating anxiety. Everything is fine, of course, but … Read more

The Dress I Don’t Need

This dress is the reason I needed to go on a buying freeze: Not the specific reason, of course; that would be the car and the move and the shrinking savings. But this, well, it’s beautiful and elegant and different and I want it and I have absolutely no reason to need it. I do … Read more

What’s an “Olan Mills,” Anyway?

I have no idea what this is about; I just know it’s funny. (Stolen, of course, from Dave Barry’s blog.) (Speaking of which, you should totally go and read this article he wrote about the election and its aftermath. I think it’s terrific, and I don’t even like gin.)