Daisy Bateman

Decisions, Decisions

With the end of my self-imposed buying freeze approaching, I have a very important choice to make: What should I buy first? The way I see it, such a monumental achievement deserves some kind of reward, one purchased online at 12:01 am on January 1st. Naturally, I have some ideas. It occurred to me recently … Read more

Final Days!

Four days.95 hours.5707 minutes.342430 seconds. As you may recall, back in September I instituted a buying freeze, good through the end of the year. The end is coming.

Strasbourg, Day 6– Mostly About Food

For our last day in France (not counting the anticipated early-morning stagger to catch a train we are not one hundred percent sure we have tickets for), we made a more detailed exploration of the central town of Strasbourg. It was Sunday, so most places were closed– restaurants, shops, even the big chain stores. The … Read more

Wine Glasses

A few places we went to had these squat little green-stemmed wine glasses (see below), and I kind of love them. They’re so unpretentious– wine glasses for people who don’t think drinking wine is a big deal.