Daisy Bateman

Vote for Mom!

Not long ago I posted this link on my Twitter feed, along with the request that all and sundry visit it and vote “yes” in the poll they find there (lower right-hand part of the page, you may have to scroll down). I was going to post a full explanation here, but the fact of … Read more


It seems that the much anticipated (by me, anyway) puppet show version of The Trouble With Death Traps is not to be, at least this year. According to the convention organizer, they didn’t have enough time to sufficiently prepare for the awesomeness. My apologies to all of you who already booked your travel for the … Read more

The Lure of Cheese

There is no shortage of cheese in my local environment. There is Draeger’s within walking distance of home and Whole Foodses springing up everywhere I look, both with large, if pricey cheeseries. When I go back to the East Bay I can visit either or both locations of the much more reasonable Country Cheese, and … Read more

Physics Question

They resupplied the free Cokes at work today, which was good. No complaints there. But they weren’t cold, so I put one in the freezer for a while. When I took it out of the freezer and opened it, I found that it had partially frozen, so I left it on my desk while I … Read more