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Daisy Stops Shopping Again, World Economy Downgraded to a “Sell” Rating

Yes, my friends, I’m afraid it has come to this. After several months of valiantly trying to single-handedly save the retail sector from the collapse brought on by my last shopping hiatus, I’m afraid the time has come for me to once again set down my smoking credit card and step out of the fray, at least temporarily. In this case, the freeze is only for the month of May, starting today. (I would have done it for the whole month, but this weekend was Friends and Family at Macy’s, where Alice works, and I couldn’t let a friend down. I’m solid like that.)

I know this news will come as a blow to those of you who were counting on a speedy economic recovery (don’t look at me like that, Mr. President) but please do not despair. Because I am going to give you the tools to achieve Daisy-like levels of shopping on your own, in the form of invitation links to three of my favorite members-only, limited-time sale websites, where you will find many fine goods irresistibly disccounted. (Trust me. Resisting is very, very hard.) I trust that you will use them wisely and well, and will send me pictures of anything you buy, because I want to see:

Gilt Groupe
Rue La La

I’ve done all I can. It’s up to you now.

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