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Eventually, I May Even Make It To Day 2

Did you think I had forgotten about Japan? Perhaps given up, due to my clear total lameness? No! Well, sort of. The thing is, travel blogging takes time and, well, I’m lame. Also, it’s not like anyone is paying me for this.

But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up; I’m just going to try something different. Instead of powering right through the trip and trying to get it written up in a reasonable timeframe (already not an option), I’d pretend I was doing this intentionally, with occasional posts stretched out over the rest of the summer. Think of it like a book you read a bit of, then put down and forget for a while, then pick it up again and read a couple pages, and then something in the kitchen starts smoking and you have to run around opening windows and turning off the smoke detector, and you don’t get back to it for a few days. The blog’s going to be kind of like that.

Speaking of which, you know what would be a great place to read this? In a café that provides you with dogs for company:

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