Daisy Bateman


Have you ever wondered what every pair of shoes I own looks like? No? Too bad, because you’re going to find out*. That’s because I have decided to dedicate the month of September to bringing you pictures of them all, for your comments, snark, criticism and, in some cases, threats of theft (you know who … Read more

Project Hairway: The Return

Back by Popular Demand (by which I mean, Mary mentioned it), I bring you my traditional commentary on the new season of Project Runway, in which I judge the new crop of contestants strictly by their hair. I’m shallow, but consistent. Christopher Straub: Has grown a beard that outlines his face, without actually contributing anything … Read more

Possibly Excellent Restaurant Deal

As you may have gathered, I’m a little obsessive about watching out for the travel deals (see: New Zealand, Japan, etc.). One of the ways I do it is by subscribing to mailing lists, and one of the ones I subscribe to is Travelzoo, which, in addition to the expected travel deals, also sometimes lists … Read more

Living Dangerously in the Mysterious East

It started as a simple mission: to find and observe the weekly gathering of Tokyo cosplayers on a bridge near Harajuku. Only, because it turns out that people who spend their weekends dressing as insane schoolgirls are not the early risers of the world, and because the map from my guidebook was not strictly accurate, … Read more

For Everything Else, There’s Puppies

Kitten, rescued from wild colony by Mom’s friend: $0Food, litter, toys and treats for kitten: $70Veterinarian visits for kitten: $180Bi-monthly baths/nail trims for kitten (to protect allergies and couch): $35/visitNew logic board for my laptop, to replace the one destroyed by kitten knocking over a glass of water onto it: $345Pet ownership: *$^&ing priceless

Jane Eyre and the Jackalope

(In an effort to hop on the classic literature/monster bandwagon (See: “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and the upcoming “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters”) I present you with the opening lines to my new literary masterpiece, which I expect to earn me the adoration of the adoring masses and a honking big advance within … Read more