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My Best Discovery of the Santa Fe Craft Market

(I meant to blog this a while ago, but I forgot.)

On of the perks of volunteering at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market was the tremendous opportunity for people-watching it afforded. Mostly this consisted of spotting Women of a Certain Age wearing their purchases from last year’s Market (Yes, it is beautiful workmanship, and it does look thrillingly exotic when the artists wear it. But you, Ma’am, are no Mongolian sheep herder, and I’m afraid it just doesn’t go that well with your sensible sandals.), and older men with much younger wives, who often appeared to be of a different nationality. Which was all well and good, but what caught my attention was a necklace worn by a woman who came to my stall to make a purchase. It had a pendant that was a sort of a shadow box, framing a pearl that looked like a bird. I asked the woman about it and she said that she was a jewelry designer, and it was her work. She left before it occurred to me to ask for a card, but I must have been obvious enough in my admiration, because a few minutes later she came back and offered me one.

I finally remembered it today, and visited her website, which is indeed filled with lovely and unique jewelry.

In case anyone is interested, my birthday is October 15th.

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