Daisy Bateman

Possibly Excellent Restaurant Deal

As you may have gathered, I’m a little obsessive about watching out for the travel deals (see: New Zealand, Japan, etc.). One of the ways I do it is by subscribing to mailing lists, and one of the ones I subscribe to is Travelzoo, which, in addition to the expected travel deals, also sometimes lists things a little closer to home, like show and event tickets. And sometimes the deals are better than others, but this one is good enough and potentially generally useful enough that I thought I would share.

In a nutshell (for people who don’t like clicking through all unawares), it’s a discount on some discounted gift certificates at various restaurants, searchable by location. I tried it out and found two places in San Mateo that I like, so I got fifty dollars worth for $8.25. Still not totally sure there’s no catch, but I figure that’s an amount of money I feel okay risking.

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