Daisy Bateman

Shoetember: Strapped In

Brand: Faryl Robin
Purchased: DSW
Materials: Leather, rubber (sole)
Work Wearability: Umm. . .

Notes: Faryl Robin has been one of my favorite brand discoveries of the last couple of years (a fact which will be made abundantly clear as we proceed). They make fashionable shoes that are shockingly comfortable, with the only downside being that the wear does show after a while. But I do wear them a lot; probably more than I really should.

You see, working in a lab gives you a lot of latitude in how you dress, but there are certain safety-oriented guidelines, one of which is “closed-toe, closed heel shoes.” Which, since I work with nothing much more dangerous than the occasional heavy bottle, I interpret to mean “no very open-toed shoes, and socks count.”

I would probably wear these even more often if I didn’t have such a hard time holding on to black socks. Honestly, with the number of pairs I’ve bought, you’d think I’d have reached saturation by now.

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  1. I got those same shoes. They are comfy at first, then the balls of my feet get blistery-feeling from gripping at the not so padded sole. I do recommend socks..to avoid the blistery thing and to cover the exposed toes for lab work. They looks absolutely spanky and are worth the discomfort for a night out, definitely.


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