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Shoetember: I Love it When a Shoe Comes Together

Brand: Belle By Sigerson Morrison
Purchased at: NYC Bloomingdales
Materials: Leather, Metal
Work Wearability: Technically yes, but no

Notes: Sometimes, a thing is simply meant to be. At least, that’s my excuse. These shoes were the crown jewel of the extended shopping trip I called “visiting Lisa in New York” last year. I saw them in orange in the Belle by Sigerson Morrison store (conveniently located directly below the apartment of Lisa’s then-boyfriend-now-husband) and loved the shape, but couldn’t quite bring myself to spend quite that much on orange shoes. I loved their proportions, the sleek but low heel, the just-pointy-enough-but-not-too-pointy toe, and the gathered detail, but the risk of looking like a duck was just too great. While we were in the store, I noticed that they had a similar style of flats in silver, and commented that I would be a lot more tempted if the heels came in that color.

Fast forward to another day of shopping (What? It’s what I do.) After an intensely girly lunch at Snaks at Saks we proceeded to tour the retail options of that great city, at one point ending up, as one must, in the shoe department of Bloomingdales. Where they had the same shoes. In the silver, at a discount. Plus an extra discount for “friends and family,” which we received because honestly, who could be friendlier than us?

Needless to say, I not only wore these shoes to Lisa’s wedding, I built my outfit around them.

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