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Shoetember: To the Earth From Whence They Sprung

Brand: Prada
Purchased: Neiman Marcus
Material: Leather
Work Wearability: None

Notes: I was going to tell you about the fantastic deal I got on these (this last year has been amazing for shoe deals, if less so for other investments), but honestly, that’s going to get pretty old pretty fast. So it’s a good thing I wore these to my cousin Beth’s wedding on Saturday.

The wedding (which was lovely) was held at a winery in Livermore (surprisingly lovely), just down the street from Lawrence Livermore National Lab (not known for its loveliness, but not relevant to the topic at hand). The ceremony took place on a lawn near the vineyards, with a grand view over the valley, marred only slightly by the wheeling turkey vultures. But, like the lab, the carrion birds are not part of this story; the lawn is. Because, being grass on sod, it was somewhat soft, and despite my focused attempts to keep my weight on the balls of my feet, when we stood up to cheer the bride and groom on their way back down the aisle, I could feel the slow, inevitable sinking of my heels into the sod. And I managed to catch myself before I tipped over backwards onto my folding chair, but the damage was done: my lovely shoes were, for the moment, Prada lawn ornaments. Which wouldn’t have been quite the problem if I hadn’t been sitting in the second row, and the ceremony was over, and the guests were following the (quite proper) tradition of leaving in the order of seating. Which meant that everyone behind me had to wait until I had yanked my shoes out of the turf and reapplied them to my feet before they could proceed to the reception and its very generous bartenders. So that was less than ideal.

On the other hand, I’m just glad I didn’t go for my alternate choice in footwear. I’d probably still be there.

6 thoughts on “Shoetember: To the Earth From Whence They Sprung”

  1. o000o. sparkly gold and bows! my inner twelve year is making an appearance. They look quite lovely and the wedding sounds quite lovely too.

  2. It's hard to see in the picture, but those are actually leaves– up close it looks like knotted vines. (There's another leaf on the heel, but I forgot to turn my foot so you could see it in the picture.)

  3. Thanks– I'm going to NY next month, so I'll add that to the itinerary!

    I wish there were a way for everyone to bring their shoes to the party here; maybe we could start a new blog trend?


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