Daisy Bateman

Shoetember: Two For Tuesday

Brand: Geox
Purchased: Bloomingdales (?)
Materials: Suede, Plastic, Metal
Work Wearability: Not Likely

Brand: Børn
Purchased: Macys
Materials: Leather, Cork
Work Wearability: I Wish

Notes: I could claim all sorts of things as my favorite shoe discoveries of the past few years, but if we’re basing it on use, the winner would have to be the comfort wedge. I am, at 5’6”, not exactly short, but not really what you would call tall either, and I like a bit of height from my casual footwear (also, I’m too lazy to get my pants hemmed). And, though you might not guess it from the bulk of my collection, when you come right down to it I do like a shoe I can wear without suffering.

The wedge satisfies those requirements, with the added bonus of being more stable than the average heel, which is always a good thing when we’re talking about me (we are).

As far as the brands go, both are ones I have had good luck with, though, as is the nature of comfort brands you have to choose carefully from their styles so that you don’t end up looking like you’ve strapped leather cement blocks to your feet– another victim of the comfort-shoe mafia. So there’s that to consider, plus I’ve never actually been sure how you’re supposed to pronounce “Børn.” Do you gargle the “ø”? Make it nasal? Assume it’s some sort of Commie (Cømmie?) plot and just pronounce it like an honest American “o”? Do you treat it like it has a j in front of it, as in “Peter Bjorn and John?” Can I use that as an excuse to embed this video, because I like the whistling?

I think I can.

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