Daisy Bateman

Shoetember: I Have a Head Cold and I Can’t Think of a Clever Title, Sorry

Brand: Delman
Purchased: Gilt Groupe
Materials: Leather, Wood
Work Wearability: See here

Notes: One of the handy/dangerous things about my discovery of the sample sale websites (a name which isn’t strictly accurate, but seems to be widespread) is that I have been discovering fine brands that I was not previously well aware of. I had heard of Delman, I think, but it took these showing up on “final sale”* and reminding me of my much-prized black strappy work wedges for me to make a formal introduction. They have ended up being one of my favorite acquisitions, which is good, but I’m really not sure I needed another favorite shoe brand.

Unless, of course, I did.

*Extra discount, but unreturnable, so you had better guess right on your size.

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