Daisy Bateman

Shoetember: I Am Not Ashamed

Brand: Naturalizer
Purchased: Macy’s
Materials: Leather, Plastic, Fleece
Work Wearability: No, But Yes

Notes: Are you surprised? Did you even think that I owned a pair of grubby indoor-outdoor slippers, or that, if I did, I would be willing to admit it? But of course I would. There are no secrets between us dear Blog Reader/spambot/person who has stumbled across this page looking for dirty-shoe-fetish-porn. And of course I own them. In fact, since we are being so honest here, this is one of the few shoes I have ever purchased in multiples. The first pair, darker in color and now beaten down even further than these resides at my parents’, in case of emergencies. These were purchased late in the lifespan of those, when I discovered that Naturalizer was discontinuing the style and Macy’s (yes, again) had them on sale for half of what I originally paid.

So I bought two pairs.

The other is still in their box, wait for the day when these are too grody even to haul the recycling down to the dumpster, or stagger to Jamba Juice when I’m down with the flu. Because that day will come, and I will be ready.

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