Daisy Bateman

Shoetember: Two For Tuesday: Boot Edition

Brand: Børn
Purchased: Macy’s
Materials: Leather, Rubber
Work Wearability: Good

Brand: Can’t find the label
Purchased: Nordstrom’s
Material: Leather
Work Wearability: Good

Notes: These are a pair of cheap plastic boots from Old Navy. They were black, largely waterproof, and not terribly comfortable, but attractive enough and I had not angst at all about wearing them, so I wore them until a heel fell off. Which, admittedly, didn’t take that long.

So, emboldened by the knowledge that this was something I would get good wear out of, I set out to find myself a higher-quality replacement pair. I narrowed it down to these two, and then I had trouble narrowing it down any more.

The advice I got was unequivocal: Mary, Alice and Abigail all agreed that the brown pair was superior, in terms of appearance, wearability and price. Even a random lady in the Macy’s shoe department stopped and said she liked them. (Note to guys: women do that. It’s a thing.) So I bought them, but the black ones haunted me. What if something happened? What if some black-boot requiring extravaganza came up, and I was unprepared? And had I fully considered the fact that they had rhinestones in their soles?

I would try to stretch out the story here, to build up the suspense a bit more, but considering the above photo, I think we all know how this story turned out.

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