Daisy Bateman

Shoetember: Title Goes Here

Brand: Aldo
Purchased: Aldo
Materials: Fabric, Plastic
Work Wearability: Quite good

Notes: You know, this is actually starting to get hard. If you had told me I wouldn’t be able to sustain thirty days of writing about shoes and myself, two of my very favorite topics, I would have found that unlikely to be true. But here we are, on the twenty-fifth, and I am clearly running out of steam. Worse than that, I am starting to suspect that the world at large was not, in fact, crying out for detailed information on my footwear collection. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it might just be true.

But then, maybe this is just a passing mood, a brief bout of bloggui, and by this time tomorrow the inspiration will be pouring out of me like iodized salt that has been specially treated not to clump in high humidity. It’s a dream I have.

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