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Shoetember: Two for Tuesday: It’s a Death Traps Party, Who Could Ask For More

Brand: Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Purchased: Bloomingdales
Material: Leather
Work Wearability: Good

Brand: Cynthia Vincent
Purchased: Gilt Groupe
Material: Leather
Work Wearability: Not for this job. . .

Notes: I’ll say it right up front: This post has far less to do with the shoes than it does with shameless self-promotion. But the shoes do tie in, so it’s okay.

As some of you know, some time ago, a short story I wrote, “The Trouble With Death Traps,” was published as a podcast. (Warning: Story is severely overwritten. Proceed at your own risk.) And now, several years and one aborted puppet show later, I came up with a sequel, and the same fine people who took on the first have found a home (and a new title: Ghost in the Death Trap, which is much better than the one I had) for the second. It’s tentatively scheduled to post in November; you know I’m going to keep you updated.

As for the shoes? Well, I’m not going to say I bought them because they put me in mind of the vaguely-Central-America-ish setting of the stories, but I’m not going to say I didn’t.

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