Daisy Bateman

Shoetember: Of Travels Past and Future

Brand: Lulu Guinness
Purchased: Lulu Guinness boutique
Materials: Leather, Crystals
Work Wearability: Nope

Notes: I bought these the first time I went to New York as an adult, before Lisa moved there or Cornelia was nominated for an Edgar Award, at the very charming Lulu Guinness boutique in the West Village. I agonized over the purchase, but I think at this point we all know how that turns out for me.

This is relevant because I’m off, along with Cameron, for an Eastern-US-and-Canada trip, starting with a redeye Thursday night, that will include a stop in New York (along with Montreal, Burlington (Ontario), and Washington (DC)). I may end up in this store again, or I may not. Either way, I have these shoes, and really, shouldn’t that be enough for anybody?

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