Boots For Abigail

(The following is the story of people looking at pictures of shoes on the internet. If this is not something that sounds interesting to you, I would advise that you skip this post, because you will be bored.) This is Abigail: *Cat sold separately. Abigail lives in the DC area, due to an unfortunate clerical … Read more


This is a post about perfume. Sort of. A couple of years ago I adopted, as my regular perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, on the principle that if someone makes a perfume specifically for you, it would simply be rude not to wear it. As it happens, Daisy smells exactly like the sort of perfume … Read more

Real Athletic Event I Am Totally Not Making Up

The International Yoga Asana Championship* 2009 International Yoga Asana Championship from Mike McInnis on Vimeo. (Warning: Prolonged exposure to the accompanying music may cause brain damage. And the reggae is kind of a surprise.) I wonder, what is the smack-talking like at a yoga championship?“You call that meditation?”“My grandmother could align her chakras better than … Read more