Daisy Bateman

Shoetember Finale: The Meaning of Shoes

I have to say, I never expected this to be hard. Hey, just throw some shoe pictures on the blog, tell some stories about them, instant success! Or something. Anyways, it’s been good.

So, why shoes? What is the point, anyway? What’s it all about, Pucci?

Shoes are the least cruel branch of fashion. Not in comfort, necessarily, though improvements have been made, but, of all fashion, they are the one thing that anyone, not just fourteen-year-old Bulgarian anorexics can put on and feel as fabulous and fashionable as anybody else. (That and jewelry, I guess, but going around showing off your jewelry is just vulgar. Also, it rarely makes your legs look good.) They are easy too– the quick way to take a tried-and-true outfit and make it fancy, or casual, or appropriate for hiking*. And of course, they’re popular for being popular, like beanie babies, or tech stocks. Fancy shoes have become the established metric for female status, which I should nobly claim that I do not buy into at all, but come on. The truth? Whether it is for good reasons or base ones, for a certain segment of the population, nice shoes make us happy. And there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of happiness.

But really, the meaning of shoes is that they keep your feet from being naked.

*Okay, that might be stretching it.

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