Daisy Bateman

The Gold Floor

While in Montreal, we stayed at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, a fine and luxurious hotel that unfortunately was built in 1958 and therefore has the exterior appearance of a municipal parking garage. But inside it is beautiful, and made even more so if you have paid the extra money to stay on the “Gold Floor.”

People who stay on the Gold Floor don’t have to check in with everyone else. They get their own glass-walled elevator that takes them straight up to their own check in/concierge desk, which is attached to a lounge, which serves breakfast in the morning, hors d’oeuvres* in the evening and free cokes** all day. And, if they have mad hotel-booking skills, they don’t even have to pay all that much for all this luxury.

I am so good at this.

*And I’m not just talking about a Costco cheese platter and some vegetables. There was baked brie, little meat pies, yogurt parfaits, duck rillette and a really fancy cheese platter, among other things. The breakfast spread was equally impressive.
**And other sodas, and juices, if you want to concern yourself with the unimportant details. Also there was alcohol, which was not free, but was done on the honor system. No word on what happens if the BOC*** has to get involved.
***Caltech joke.

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