Daisy Bateman

What Did We Do Today?

1. Slept in.
2. Washed clothes.
3. Hung out with Cameron’s mom.
4. Said goodbye to Cameron’s brother.
5. Went through US Customs. In Canada. (I know it’s normal; it just seems weird.)
6. Flew on a Dash8.
7. Got a gas-guzzling car rental upgrade.
8. Learned to use a GPS. (Turns out it’s pretty easy.)
9. Tried to watch baseball on the surprisingly small TV in the hotel bar. View occasionally blocked by the gathering of Hasidic Jews checking their email.
10. Remembered that my phone was still off from the plane.
11. Called Abigail and woke her up, in order to plan tomorrow’s activities.
12. Paid an inordinate amount to access the internet, in order to bring you this vital information.

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