Daisy Bateman

Introducing: Shoesday!

The Story:
New month, new day, new format!* What, you didn’t think I only had thirty pairs of shoes, did you? Silly rabbit.

I bought these on a sensible whim two years ago, to wear to the going-away parties of what seems like about half of my friends. (Not that it bothers me or anything. I am a tough and independent individual who could care less if half of her friends callously go away and leave her for little things like “jobs” and “fianc├ęs.”) A whim because, well, they are zebra-print Kate Spade peep-toe heels. But sensible because whose life wouldn’t be improved by zebra-print Kate Spade peep-toe heels? Plus, they were on sale. And I have to say, they have proved to be surprisingly versatile, useful for those occasions when I want to give off the impression of being a stylish person but am to lazy, or late, to actually change my clothes.

Zebra: It’s like leopard print, without the whiff of desperation.

*I decided that it wasn’t that interesting to know what the shoes were made of or whether I would wear them to work.

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