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This is a post about perfume. Sort of.

A couple of years ago I adopted, as my regular perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, on the principle that if someone makes a perfume specifically for you, it would simply be rude not to wear it. As it happens, Daisy smells exactly like the sort of perfume I would wear, and it’s in a bottle that looks just like the sort of thing I would own.

So it all works out very well. But now I have a conundrum.

You see, Marc Jacobs has come out with a new perfume, Lola:

Lola is not my name. But I wonder, if I wear Daisy, and I am Daisy, then if I wear Lola, will I become Lola? And what kind of Lola would I be? Personally, for a preference, it would be this one:

I’m not totally sure who she is, exactly, but I bet she wears some absolutely killer boots.

On the other hand, if I become a tall transvestite or the center of a fatal love triangle, well, that could be cause for some concern. I’ll keep you updated.

Besides, I always said that one day I would buy some perfume strictly on the basis of a cool bottle.

3 thoughts on “Re-Scentment”

  1. Okay, do you not know who jazz great Sarah Vaughan is? You've got some listening to do. She's in the top 3-5 great female jazz singers with Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O'Day, and somebody else I forget.

    Or do you not know who Lola is? You've got some watching to do. Lola is the devil's helper in the fabu musical _Damn Yankees_ and she sings this song to try to seduce Shoeless Joe. I played the reporter in a college production of this musical. Embarrassing.

  2. Actually, I did know both those things, mostly. What I don't know is how that would be expressed as me becoming a similar Lola through the wearing of perfume.

    Perhaps I wasn't entirely clear.


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