Daisy Bateman

Holiday Weekend Stats

Wine Drunk: >Too Much Writing Done: 0 Bejeweled Blitz Facebook Game High Score: 198,650 Bejeweled Blitz Facebook Game High Score Beaten On Sunday Night By: Cousin Jake’s Wife Jen Times Blanket Covering Couch Washed, Due to Recurrent Cat Pee: 3 “Scat Mat” Brand Electric Cat-Repellent Mats Purchased: 1 Pulled-Pork Sandwiches Eaten: 1 Small But Very … Read more

Shoesday: Wedging it In

The Story: Why lizard print? More specifically, why lizard print on vaguely sneaker-ish three inch wedges with ankle straps and imitation shoelaces, that miss the appearance of orthopedic shoes by just thismuch? Well, why not? Seriously, I’m taking reasons.

Shoesday: Shoe Block

The Story*: Have you ever had one of those days where you looked at a pair of shoes and found you had nothing to say about them? Have you stared and stared at the photo, as if willing it spring to life and begin dictating a blog post to you? And then has your mind … Read more

It’s Not Too Late! (But It’s Close. . .)

For what? For signing up for the Berkeley Mystery Writing Intensive! WONDER at the talents of several published authors and an actual movie writer/director/actor! GASP at the stories of real law enforcement officials! THRILL at the chance to see a rare live agent in captivity! DRINK with all assembled until you do something inadvisable! SPEND … Read more

Double-Stuffed Oreos: The Quest for the Truth

Subtitle: Double or Nothing With their labeling, Nabisco makes the bold, if implied claim that their “Double Stuffed” Oreos have double the stuff of a normal, or “wild type” Oreo. But do they? The question cried out to be tested. So I did. Side-by-side comparison: Materials: — Subject Cookies— Razor Blade (clean)— Weigh Paper And, … Read more