Daisy Bateman

Double-Stuffed Oreos: The Quest for the Truth

Subtitle: Double or Nothing

With their labeling, Nabisco makes the bold, if implied claim that their “Double Stuffed” Oreos have double the stuff of a normal, or “wild type” Oreo. But do they? The question cried out to be tested. So I did.

Side-by-side comparison:


— Subject Cookies
— Razor Blade (clean)
— Weigh Paper

And, of course:

— A lab coat with my name on it*


Pre-Weigh the Cookies

(All weights in grams, because we roll like that.)

Disassemble, employing the razor blade.

Weigh the Stuff.

Wild Type:


Based on these data, I would say that the more accurate title for the Double-Stuffed Oreo would be the 2.38x-Stuffed Oreo. I expect a renaming to be imminent.

*Yes, that is my name.

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