Daisy Bateman

Conference: Day 0.5

Things I have learned so far today:

1. A small percentage of HIV-infected patients are able to control the disease with slightly autoreactive neutralizing antibodies.

2. The conference doesn’t provide breakfast pastries, only coffee and tea.
2a. There is a Starbucks, but the line is long.
2b. The amount of frosting on the lemon poundcake is a bit much.

3. The new hot phrase in antibody engineering is “There’s a lot of room on the bottom.” (Possibly paraphrased from Feynman.)

4. I can make it through about forty minutes of straight presentation time before I doze off.

5. The H1N1 virus is closely related to the 1918 influenza strain, and may have re-emerged in part because most of the people with protective immunity have died off.

6. San Diego isn’t a lot of fun in the pouring rain.

7. (Addendum from last night) I really should not drink wine at work events

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