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Shoesday: Out With The Old, On With The New

Don’t you hate all the posts this time of year about renewal and resolutions? Well, tough, because here comes another one.

I spent yesterday cleaning out my closet, a development that actually has a lot less to do with the incoming year than it does to the fact that in about a week and a half we are moving to a fabulous new apartment, and even though it has ample closet space, I don’t want to have to move anything more than absolutely necessary*. I’ve done this before, on previous moves, but I was feeling particularly brutal today, and even the usually-sacred-haven of my shoe closet was not spared in the frenzy of trashing and donating.

(For the faint of heart, I want to assure you that the shoes pictured here were not among the casualties. I’ll get to writing about them in a minute, but I just wanted to make sure that was clear.)

The shoes I did get rid of fell into two categories: worn too much (already-replaced running sneakers, well-loved but past-the-point-of-repair everyday shoes, all sent to the trash with some regret) and not worn enough. The latter were a mix of purchasing mistakes and the not-quite or no-longer fabulous enough, shoes that simply were not earning their closet space. None of them had shown up on the blog, which I think is telling. If a shoe isn’t interesting enough to write about, why keep it around?

These shoes, on the other hand, are interesting enough to have their own blog. They were my birthday present from Cameron (picked out by me), purchased on our stop in New York and fabulous beyond human comprehension. You should see them with the purple tights.** In fact, I wore them into BevMo and two separate people (an employee and a guy who was there browsing the tequila selection and talking about how he was growing chronic (his words) for the government now) spontaneously came up and told me how awesome they were. True story.

*Actually, my preference would be to have all of my stuff magically teleport to the new place. I hate moving.

**I’m trying to come up with a way to work these into my New Years plans of getting my hair cut, going to Karen’s Rock-Paper-Scissors Invitational and hanging out in the barn watching movies with my parents, but so far I’m coming up blank.

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