The Voice

It’s time for SF Sketchfest again, and last night we went to see Ask a Ninja, featuring Liam Sullivan (aka Kelly, of Shoes fame). They didn’t interact, which was kind of a disappointment, but were pretty funny independently, all the same. This is one of the videos from the show (the other being equally funny, … Read more

Guest Blogging!

That’s right; the lovely ladies over at Pens Fatales, due to either desperation or head injuries, have invited me to write a post for them today, during their shoe-themed week. I have no idea how my name happened to come up. Please stop by and read and leave a story of your favorite shoes, past … Read more

Shoesday: I Dare You

Confession: Sometimes, when I am shopping, I can be a little impulsive*. Sometimes it can be problematic (I will find a way to wear that sparkly gold bow-belt. I swear it.) but sometimes it can work out surprisingly well. These shoes, for example. I saw them on the sale shelf at Anthropologie, in all their … Read more