Daisy Bateman

The Voice

It’s time for SF Sketchfest again, and last night we went to see Ask a Ninja, featuring Liam Sullivan (aka Kelly, of Shoes fame). They didn’t interact, which was kind of a disappointment, but were pretty funny independently, all the same. This is one of the videos from the show (the other being equally funny, … Read more

Guest Blogging!

That’s right; the lovely ladies over at Pens Fatales, due to either desperation or head injuries, have invited me to write a post for them today, during their shoe-themed week. I have no idea how my name happened to come up. Please stop by and read and leave a story of your favorite shoes, past … Read more

When Guys Shop

Fun fact about me: I have no ability to estimate the actual size of a thing based on the dimensions. This has led to certain problems, specifically in the area of buying earrings online. (Honestly, why do they make those things so huge? Do they think we have steel-reinforced earlobes?) So it was that when … Read more

Shoesday: I Dare You

Confession: Sometimes, when I am shopping, I can be a little impulsive*. Sometimes it can be problematic (I will find a way to wear that sparkly gold bow-belt. I swear it.) but sometimes it can work out surprisingly well. These shoes, for example. I saw them on the sale shelf at Anthropologie, in all their … Read more