Daisy Bateman

The Hair Experiment: Day 1

If you read yesterday’s post, you are aware that I am not happy with my new haircut (for those with an allergy to clicking through, I will summarize: I got a new haircut, and I am not happy with it). But that was yesterday. And today, when I got up at nine-thirty and staggered past the mirror on my way to a restorative bowl of cereal, I realized: I really don’t like my haircut.

But am I dismayed? Discouraged? Hopeless? Yes. But I have to do something with it until it grows out, so I thought I’d do an experiment and run through the options. Yesterday’s photo, no styling at all, will serve as the control.

Therefore, I give you, Day 1:

Materials & Methods:

Sprayed with Bumble&Bumble thickening spray, blow-dried using a small round brush.


More body, not flipping out at odd angles (see unstyled control).

Makes me look like:

A member of Duran Duran.


Could be worse. Could be A Flock of Seagulls.

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