Daisy Bateman

The Hair Experiment: Day 4

Materials & Methods:

Same as Day 1, parted on the opposite side. Eyes closed because I’m looking directly into the sun. Eyeshadow from Abigail’s Christmas present.

It’s just like:

Looking in a mirror.


I thought that maybe the hairdresser had cut it so it would look better parted on the left, because when he started he said, “So you part it here” (indicating this side) despite the fact that I had come in with it parted on the right, the same as I always do, ever since I realized the folly of parting it down the middle. So I thought I’d give it a try. However, it seems that either I or my hair is resisting the change, and the part has migrated center-ward, giving me the ever-desirable peaked-head effect.

Here, I try to drive it back:

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