Daisy Bateman

Shoesday: The Relocation

“Huh,” you are saying to yourself right about now. “That doesn’t look like the usual high-quality Shoesday picture, complete with feet. Also, it’s Thursday. What gives?”

“Cut me a break,” I snap. “I’ve only spent the last week moving into a new apartment, where we don’t have internet yet, so I can’t blog from my home computer, which is where all the pictures are. Plus, I’ve been so busy with the move that I never even got around to writing the post about how much I hate moving, which is too bad because it had some good lines.”

“Hey no need to get touchy,” you respond, miffed. “I was just asking.”

“Sorry,” I apologize. “We don’t have the cable hooked up yet either, and I’m missing the premiers of both Idol and Project Runway. But I think you should give me some credit for getting some kind of post up this week, even if it is kind of late and half-assed. Anyway, these are some shoes I bought recently and had delivered to work, and haven’t brought home yet because that location has been in the process of changing. I haven’t even put them on yet, but they look cute, and I like the wide heel. Should be nice for summer, I think.”

“Sure,” you agree. “Yellow is always a fun color. And hey, Idol never gets interesting until after the audition rounds anyway. But jeez, clean your desk once in a while, would you?”

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