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Shoesday: I Dare You

Confession: Sometimes, when I am shopping, I can be a little impulsive*. Sometimes it can be problematic (I will find a way to wear that sparkly gold bow-belt. I swear it.) but sometimes it can work out surprisingly well. These shoes, for example. I saw them on the sale shelf at Anthropologie, in all their high-heeled, platformed, gold-and-brown-and-purple-colored glory, and a few random neuron firings later said,”Yes, I need these.” And the funny thing is, it turned out I did.

So this week, I’m making Shoesday interactive. I want you, the next time you’re shopping, or surfing the web, or riffling through your neighbors’ closets, to go for something different. Something weird. Something that should not, in any reasonable world, made good sense. Go to ebay and search “scales“! Wander through the fringe section on Zappos! Sure, most of what you will find will, in fact, be deeply horrible, or just a big bunch of no, but what the hell, right? You never know; you might come up with something unexpectedly just right.

*Not the same as being compulsive, which is a different problem. Repulsive happens only at certain stores.

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