Daisy Bateman

When Guys Shop

Fun fact about me: I have no ability to estimate the actual size of a thing based on the dimensions. This has led to certain problems, specifically in the area of buying earrings online. (Honestly, why do they make those things so huge? Do they think we have steel-reinforced earlobes?) So it was that when Cameron said he wanted to get a big new TV, and that he thought 55 inches would be about right, I said, “Hmm, sounds biggish, sure.” (That the diagonal was only eleven inches shorter than my actual total height somehow failed to occur to me.)


I’m not complaining, just surprised. It is a large television. But the high-def is fantastic and our SuperBowl party should be a big upgrade over last year’s, where it was too much trouble to peer at the tiny screen of my old TV, so everyone pretty much just sat around and ate snacks.

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