Daisy Bateman

Shoesday: The Power, The Power

Fresh off my heavily-footnoted guest blogging stint at Pens Fatales and I am, of course, drunk with power. First this blog, then a brief appearance on another, more popular blog, then the world*! Please send all fan mail, media inquiries and movie deals to my assistant, who will ignore them and continue battleing twist ties**, because he is a cat. No blue M&Ms.

Naturally, a new media sensation such as myself needs appropriate shoes; professional enough for business lunches with overawed executives, but with a flair and edge that says, “I am representing the new paradigm, and we do not abide by your silly rules of oldness.” Fortunately, I came prepared.

*That’s how it goes, right?
**He’s a tie-fighter! Get it?***
***I told that one to Cameron over dinner and I think he almost broke up with me.

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