Daisy Bateman

Dillemma Solved!

Sometimes I wonder if I am too harsh in my thinking about the fashion industry and its totally irresponsible drive to push women towards insecurity and poor health for its own amusement, if perhaps I am being unfair and shrill and not all that interesting. And sometimes they make mannequins with visible ribs*:

I think I’m going to stick with my original answer here.

*This came from an actual shopping site that I visit, by the way. (membership required, and not worth bothering)

2 thoughts on “Dillemma Solved!”

  1. I really like it when they don't show the bra and panties on the same model, so that the panties model can be really skinny and the bra model can be voluptuous and you the viewer can feel inadequate about your whole body at once. It's nice.


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