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“The Holy Grail of Shoes”

No, not the shoes Jesus had the disciples doing wine-blood shots out of at the Last Supper. I’m talking about that most elusive of creatures, the totally comfortable, completely hot-looking high heels. Impossible, you say? No, just rare, and rarely cheap. But in the last week I have had two people, one a professional scientist and the other an Edgar nominated author, tell me they have found some, and both from the same brand. The surprising part? (No, not that a scientist and author would actually be telling me things.) (Okay, maybe that too.) That brand is Sofft, the stupidly spelled, largely dorky comfort line whose very website seems to be decorated with old-lady wallpaper.

And it’s true, a lot of their offerings do fall in the seriously unfabulous and just plain dull bins, there are some gems among them. Sophie got her hands on a pair a lot like these*, and Fiona came back from running some very important work-related errands to give me the title to this post and brag about finding these, unintentionally on sale at Nordstrom. All of which leads me to one inevitable conclusion: I’ve got to get a piece of that action.

I think I’m getting these.

*I think. The link from the email stopped working.

3 thoughts on ““The Holy Grail of Shoes””

  1. I thought the "just plain dull" option was something I might wear if the heel wasn't so high and it was a little less flashy. Clearly you didn't get my shoe gene!


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