Daisy Bateman

Okay, Seriously

PajamaJeans? Pajama Jeans? Isn’t this the sort of thing you dress a two-year-old in? Is there any sane person who would look at these and think they look like jeans? If someone wore these with Crocs, would my head explode? Please God, do not let this be the new Snuggie.

Word of warning, if I see you in these, I will hit you with a stick.

(“Thanks” to the Fug Girls for the heads-up)

4 thoughts on “Okay, Seriously”

  1. The reason they're pajama jeans is that they probably slide off if you get out of bed and stand up. I hate too much spandex for that reason.

    Plus, just the way the womans says "pajama" in the video is enough to make me grab a large carving knife and go "scree! scree!"

  2. Considering the stuff I wore in college, that's probably true, though not much of a recommendation. But I suppose the fact that they don't apply any adjectives to your butt is something.


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