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Daisy Finds Shoes For You

Because this blog is nothing if not an altruistic, service-minded endeavor*, I have decided to devote a new occasional feature to assisting my fellow shoe-seekers in finding the footwear they need. All are invited to submit their requests, and if you don’t, I’m going to start bugging you individually.

For our first subject, we have Crys, soon to be married to Cameron’s longtime friend Mike, who needs comfortable green shoes for her summer wedding. Green isn’t an easy color to find in formal shoes, but we’re going to save her from the sad fate that is dyeables, aren’t we? Yes, we are.

Of course, “green” as a concept covers a lot of territory. You have the very pale, possibly too informal, shade in a wedge, to some vibrant satin peep-toes that seem unlikely to meet the comfort criteria. I like these peep-toes, and the fact that they’re Cole Haan speaks to potential comfort, but the price is kind of up there, and the color might be too dark for summer.

I like these as a sandal option; vibrant color, low heel and a little gold hardware to make them fancy. And, speaking of fancy, nothing says party like sparkles.

If it was me, I would probably go with these, but I am known to be somewhat unrestrained when it comes to shoe prices. There is also, of course, the flat option, which has the potential to not only be cute and relatively unblistery, but also shockingly inexpensive.

Of course, in my enthusiasm, I may have overlooked some pertinent details. Do they have Old Navy in Canada?

*Making it, I suppose, nothing.

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  1. I've been pleased with the shoes I've bought from Victoria's Secret. They're pretty comfortable. A possible downside is that my husband thinks they look like streetwalker shoes. I think they're cute with jeans. (I also think if anybody deserves comfortable shoes, it's streetwalkers.)


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