Daisy Bateman

greettings to You, Good freind

Ever get one of those Nigerian scam emails– or, say, fifty in a day– and wish there was some way to get back at these people, for their blatant dishonesty and apparently very low opinion of your intelligence? Good news: there is. Even better news: there is a website devoted to publishing the often-amusing, occasionally-disturbing … Read more


Another day, another labored portmanteau word. I don’t like wine quite as much as shoes (this is a good thing, for many obvious reasons), but I am rather fond of it. So, I thought, why not write about it? I mean, aside from the fact that I know very little about wine writing, and while … Read more

Shoesday: Shoes of History

As hard as it may be to believe, there was a time when I owned no designer shoes at all. No, really. My closet was a mid-range shoe wasteland, populated by the serviceable and the attractive, but absolutely barren of the ludicrously expensive. Then, one day, at the Nordstroms in Walnut Creek, I came across … Read more

Why Crocs Will Destroy the Universe

(Author’s note: It hardly needs saying that the following applies equally to Uggs.) Occasionally, people try to convince me that wearing plastic gardening clogs out in public isn’t so bad. I kill them, of course. But there are a lot of misguided people in the world and if I tried to go around killing them … Read more

Shoesday: Shoes in Action!

There’s really no reason to use the picture of me untying these shoes, except that it is the one that came out the best. No, actually the point here is to ask for an opinion: Are they cute? Frankenstein shoes*? Nurse shoes? Frankenstein’s nurse? I am torn, but I’m still kind of coming down on … Read more

What Not To Sell

What Not To Wear, the show that makes its stock in trade throwing away people’s obnoxious “humorous” t-shirts, has a website that sells obnoxious “humorous” t-shirts.

Shoefinder: Cornelia

This is Cornelia. She is a writer and she has a new book coming out. A book I love, even though, in the very opening scene, the heroine mocks a woman for wearing stiletto heels. It’s just that good. A person who has a book that good coming out and is going on a book … Read more