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Neighborhood Fruit!

No it’s not a website for those looking for/phobic of cul-de-sacs of the flamboyant. And yes, it does have one of the dumbest taglines I have come across in a long time*. But this website is, in its undeniably loopy and Californian** way, kind of an awesome idea. Basically, if you have a fruit tree/blackberry bramble/zucchini infestation that is providing you with more produce than you need, you post it here and people will arrange to take some of the surplus off your hands. Conversely, if you live in a completely fantastic but undeniably third-floor apartment and would really like to have some Meyer lemons, you can visit the site (free to everyone while it’s in beta, don’t know how long that will be), find someone with a tree near your work, and go help yourself. Everybody wins!

(Especially me, because Cameron made Meyer lemon-poppyseed muffins for breakfast today. I like muffins.)

*My suggestion for a better one: “When life gives you way too many lemons, make a website to get other people to come and pick them.”

4 thoughts on “Neighborhood Fruit!”

  1. Start with a standard reduced-fat muffin recipe. I use Joy of Cooking 783, "Basic Reduced-Fat Muffins".

    Before combining the wet and dry mixtures:

    – add one to two tablespoons of poppy seeds to taste to the dry mix.

    – add one half the juice of a medium meyer lemon (about two to three tablespoons freshly squeezed) and half the rind from one half the lemon (so one quarter of the total lemon) graded or minced to the wet mix.

    Then combine spoon out and bake as usual.

    1) If the recipe calls for a possible range of amounts of sugar, use the higher amount.

    2) JoC recommends adding or increasing baking soda (in addition to baking powder) when adding highly acidic ingredients, although I haven't found it much of a problem not to.

  2. Thanks for the post!

    As for your suggestions about taglines – we originally had one that went something like "When life just won't stop giving you lemons…" but thought it was too dark.

    Recipe sounds good….

  3. Well, geez, now I'm feeling pretty lousy about being so mean. Didn't think anyone would read it. . .

    For what it's worth, I like that tagline a lot.


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