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Shoefinder: Awards Shoes For Sophie

This is Sophie:

Sophie is an author. More to the point, she is a mystery author. Even more to the point than that, she is a mystery author whose debut novel has been nominated for the 2010 Edgar Award for Best Debut Novel. Yay, Sophie!

The Edgar Awards are given out at a banquet/ceremony in New York in April, an event that is something like a combination of the Golden Globes, Oktoberfest, a church rummage sale, and the waning days of the Roman Empire*. So clearly she is going to need some Shoes.

Now, since everyone knows that once you are a published author, unlimited fame and money are simply a given, I will proceed with the assumption that price is no object. (As it happens, that is my favorite assumption.)

According to her post from shoe week at Pens Fatales (which I can not find for the life of me, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it), Sophie is quite tall, and she recognizes that the only thing that is better than being tall is being even taller**. This is a position I heartily endorse and therefore I can not help but recommend the Yves St. Laurent “Tribute” sandal, possibly the most sublimely ridiculous platform on the market. And believe me, I’ve looked.
Of course, sheer height isn’t the only way to impress people; sparkly fabulousness also works quite well.

I suppose there is something to be said for the lovely and classic pump, but I’m not sure why you would bother when there are shoes like these on the market.

(It’s a good thing being an author is such an incredibly lucrative profession, because some of these are starting to get a little rich, even for my blood.)

Now, it is true that springtime in New York consists of days of skipping through fields of wildflowers with dew-flecked lambs, so she may prefer a shoe to reflect that. And indeed, what could be more delightfully unassuming than to wear sweet, dainty sandals while crushing the souls of your enemies***?

On the other hand, sometimes you want to be able to telegraph your soul-crushing abilities, especially when you are competing in a very tough field. And, for my money,**** nothing sends the message “I could destroy you” better than a really fine pair of boots. (Not to mention the fact that it would make an excellent tie-in to her books, about a woman who knows a thing or two about destroying people. Not that she would actually wear boots like these but, you know, psychologically.)

No matter what course she takes, I’m sure Sophie will choose wisely***** and go to the party and have the kind of good time you wish you could remember more of. Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

That, and world domination.

*Barbarians, etc.
**I am not tall. In case you were wondering.
***This generally occurs in the bar, after the ceremony.
****In this case, somewhat more than my money.
*****As it turns out, she has actually already bought some shoes; these, to be specific. But I’ve never let reality get in the way of my blogging before, and I see no reason to start now.

10 thoughts on “Shoefinder: Awards Shoes For Sophie”

  1. I am breathless. I am trembling. I am calling my accountant to ask if that latest advance will cover a down payment on those Cavalli, Cornelia-esque boots…

    Seriously, Daisy, if I ever get enough scratch together, I am going to hire you to do a seasonal shoe buy for me every year. (which will require me to get invited places to wear them, but that's a separate challenge…) You have more style in your little finger than I have in my entire soul. Those purple sandals? They were so seriously hot i am hyperventilating… and yeah in those i'd be about eleven feet tall, and as I will tell you privately on another occasion, that is indeed handy for soul crushing, but only for oafish clods of the male gender…

    will find a link to the actual shoes, which were not nearly as gorgeous as any that daisy found, but had the advantage of being cheap….

  2. Sophie– Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I am, of course, ready for shoe buying expeditions at a moment's notice, and you definitely shouldn't let a lack of occasions for wearing them hold you back. God knows I don't.


  3. Sophie– And the name is perfect too! I'm glad you found some shoes that work.

    pattinase– Well, I'm not short. But at 5'6" I am pretty much exactly average, and I have always envied People of Height. (Which I would probably define, for women, as over 6' in shoes.)

  4. I almost hung on to those boots for your post (even Sohpie calls them Cornelia-esque!) but I figured I can find you something else just as good, if not better. Carpe shoem, and all.


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