Daisy Bateman

Shoesday: Practicing What I Preach

True confession: Not all of the shoes I post in the Shoefinder feature are wholly original discoveries made specifically for the Shoefindee. Sometimes* I will use shoes that I own and like as a starting point, and look for more in that brand and/or style to recommend. Which can’t be that much of a bad thing, after all, who wouldn’t want to be more like me?** Which is a long way of getting around to saying that these (waterproof, Sperry Topsiders with houndstooth-printed pony hair detail) were the inspiration for the suggestion of same (or at least similar) for Abigail. Original? No. Comfortable? Yes. Waterproof? Apparently. Preppy? So very, very much.

*Actually, somewhat more than “sometimes.”
**Please don’t answer that.

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