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Things With Bacon In Them: A Partial List

(This post secretly written by the ghost of William Shakespeare.)

Lately, people seem to be getting kind of nuts about bacon. Not that I don’t understand that– bacon is definitely tasty, what with its winning trifecta of pork, fat and salt. But there are lots of other things that are also tasty, and people seem to just eat them, instead of engaging in a nationwide obsession.

Maybe it’s a reaction to the recent outbreak of fat panic, maybe it’s a residual offshoot of the Atkins craze. All I know is, these days the intertubes are overrun by people selling a huge variety of products featuring or related to bacon and/or artificial bacon flavoring. Below, in no particular order, I have assembled a limited sample of the offerings:

1. Bacon
2. Salt
3. Coffee
4. Vodka
5. Mayonnaise
6. Ice Cream
7. Cheese Spread
8. Chocolate
9. Alarm Clock
10. Air Freshener
11. Beer
12. Envelopes
13. Mints
14. Jelly Beans
15. Dental Floss
16. Lip Balm
17. Jam
18. Jerky (multiple flavors)
19. Lollypops
20. Peanut Brittle
21. Soap
22. Candles
23. Can
24. Duck

4 thoughts on “Things With Bacon In Them: A Partial List”

  1. I kind of don't get the chocolate thing. And for eight dollars for a candy bar, I didn't really feel like trying to find out. So I'm glad to hear I'm not missing anything.


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