Daisy Bateman

Shoefinder: So Pretty They Hurt

This week’s Shoefinder goes out to Tabitha* who will not actually be wearing any of them. This is because she has mean feet that will not let her wear shoes that do not supply excellent comfort and support, and let’s face it, that’s really not what we specialize in around here. And, loathe as I … Read more

Thurscheese: Cave-Aged Gruyere

It’s cheese, from a cave! Like Batman! Only without the belt or the car or the sidekick or the lingering daddy issues. Actually, this cheese isn’t that much like Batman, except for the cave part. But that’s cool, right? I like regular gruyere just fine, but for my money (admittedly, slightly more of it– caves … Read more


So, three weeks into this and I seem to have come to the inevitable conclusion: I am not a very good wine blogger. I remain, of course, an excellent wine drinker, but the part where I translate that experience to the written word has so far escaped me, with all of my impressions being either … Read more

Shoesday: Shoefinder Success Story!

This week we have some special guest shoes for you: Our first ever* actual purchase of shoes found in the Shoefinder feature. These lovely and sparkly slippers belong to Karen, who selected them from the list of presumably-vegan** shoes I compiled to her general specifications. I’m so proud. Speaking of which, if you would like … Read more

Looks Like Monday To Me Tomato Update

There may be those among you who think this ought to be Shoesday, what with it being technically the third day of the week and all. But my vacation extended through yesterday, and therefore I am declaring today Monday until further notice, and presenting you with your latest, most up-to-date information on the growth of … Read more

Thurscheese: Humboldt Fog

When one thinks of the agricultural products of Humboldt county, cheese is not the first thing that springs to mind. But that’s the thing I’m here to tell you about, and anyway, 4/20 was Tuesday. And, as it turns out, there are some very fine non-illicit substances coming out of the CA Far North, much … Read more

Winesday: Long Weekend Wine

Newsome-Harlow Zinfandel I swear, there are times when we go on trips that don’t have anything to do with drinking wine. I mean, I can’t think of any right now, but there must be some*. Anyway, we’re at it again, heading back up to Murphy’s where we’ve rented a cottage for a weekend of tasting, … Read more

Shoesday: Boots, and a Bonus Rant

What can I say? I like a low-heeled brown leather boots. These are excellent for wearing under jeans, if a little Robin-Hood-esque with a skirt and tights. I considered buying green tights to go with, but I decided against. Another thing I’m against? Curved-sole shoes. Why do I oppose them? Well, they are ugly, stupid-looking … Read more

MTSR (Monday Tomato Status Report)

. I finally got the pepper plants and the last of the tomatoes planted this weekend (far right): Also got it into my head that I really wanted a pot with a lavender plant and some herbs, even though we have no “full sun” space left. But, I figured, whatever: And, in the “this doesn’t … Read more