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Shoefinder: Mama Needs a Brand New Bag

(In this picture: Subject: Mom, Accessory: Me, German Shepard: Star*)

Something a little different this week, as Shoefinder takes a break from, you know, finding shoes to find a purse for Mom.

Actually, the mission is a little more complicated than that: we’re really finding several purses. One pair of a large bag to hold a variety of stuff with a small, essentials-only purse to fit inside it, and one regular-sized purse for everyday needs. But we are not afraid. We know we are up to the task. We also seem to have become plural, and we suspect it’s starting to get annoying. We’re gonna stop this now.

Big bags:

I really like the things Cole Haan does with their woven leather stuff– this one in particular looks like that kind of fancy outdoor furniture, in a good way. (Plus, they posed it in a Eames chair, and anyone who has seen our family home knows how appropriate that is.)
Of course, Cole Haan does some nice things with solid leather too.

I’m also a fan of the Orla Kiely bags, both for being retro fun and for looking like they are incredibly sturdy. But I think my favorite option is actually this one, from the Liberty of London collection for Target. It’s fun without being stupid-looking, appropriately large** and ridiculously inexpensive. True, you’re definitely losing out on some quality at that price point, but you’re gaining a cute bag, so I think that’s fair.

Small Bags:

It’s actually surprisingly hard to find a very small purse that is still functional, which is why I went back to the Cole Haan well for this one. Of the other options, I’ve never been that excited by what Hobo International does, but this bag looks like it would fit the bill, at least in the brown. Although I’m not sure about all those pockets. They could be handy, unless you are of the sort who isn’t inclined to remember which pocket you put something in, in which case they would just be annoying.

And I have to admit, as much as I like this turquoise, snake-embossed clutch, it probably would not entirely suit Mom’s style. Especially when paired with the flower bag.

Medium Bags:

But what about the everyday bag needs? Something classic, I think, or maybe more professional. Then again, as I recently mentioned, there is something of a family history with the Ferragamo brand, and they do make some lovely bags.

Which leads me, finally, to this one:

I think it should do nicely, don’t you?

*In accordance with the German Shepard Code of Conduct, she is looking away from the camera at the moment the picture is taken.
**I think you could have fit me from the picture into it. Now, not so much.

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