Daisy Bateman

Tomatoes: The Planting

Big event this weekend: the tomatoes are now outside! I planted then directly before (and partially during) the major storm that moved in on Sunday, meaning that I was abandoning my poor helpless little seedlings to the wind and the rain* on their very first day out of the safety of the second bedroom. And I’m sure they felt very alone and afraid, but they are strong little tomato plants and I have faith in them.

Additional aphid update: Have liberally sprayed pepper plants with a highly toxic substance, causing total aphid destruction and disqualifying me from organic certification, unless I don’t tell anyone. Will plant them in empty small planter when I get some more potting soil. You would not believe how much potting soil this takes.

Additional additional gardening fashion update: Took my own advice (sort of) and hit Target for their Liberty of London stuff, came away with a nice pair of gardening gloves.

*Actually, the balcony they’re on is pretty sheltered. But I still felt bad about it.

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