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Shoesday: The Psuedo-Chucks

Recently, I had a twitter conversation with Sophie, on the subject of the shoes of a certain New York Times bestselling author. She suggested that I should step in on this matter, but I had to reply (somewhat unclearly, because sometimes it is hard to get your meaning across in 140 characters) that I couldn’t say anything against the classic Chuck Taylor. I’ve had warm feelings for them ever since high school, when a pair of green converse high-tops were the only thing that stood between me and total, all-enveloping uncoolness, and even now I cannot deny that they have a certain appeal.

These are not Converse, though they owe so much to them stylistically that they should really be paying royalties. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but they are actually black suede with smooth leather accents, which I like as a way of updating the style to my current, less Chuck-friendly, existence.

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