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Winesday: You Look Like a Petite Syrah Kind of Reader

Boekenoogen Petite Syrah
Color: Red
Composition: Petite Syrah
Consumed with: Prime New York strip steak from Costco, possibly our last in a while because Cameron is reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which means that we are learning* a lot about the Evil of Corn.

Me: Strong, but fruity.
C: Notes of berry, port on the nose, balanced tannins, refined for a petite syrah.
Me: What he said.

At the Boekenoogen tasting room in Carmel Valley. We were there with Cameron’s friend and former college roommate*** Ken, who was visiting from Toronto, in town for an Eclipse convention**** and who has a sideline business importing wine into Ontario. So he’s quite knowledgeable about the whole grape juice thing and a good person to go tasting with, particularly when you get to witness interactions that go something like this:*****
Woman pouring in the tasting room to Ken, on the subject of choosing what wine to taste next: “You look like a petite syrah kind of guy.”
Ken: “Umm.”
Cameron/Me: (snickering)
WPITTR: “I mean, not like you’re petite. I mean, petite syrah is like a big, heavy kid of wine and, uh. . .”
Ken: “Sure, um, yeah.”
Cameron/Me: (cracking up)
WPITTR: “Okay, I’m going to stop talking now.”
Ken: “I’ll try the petite syrah.”

*Some of us more voluntarily than others.
**I have now purchased a notebook and written “Wine Notes” on the cover, advancing myself one step closer to complete unbearability.
***You could tell, because when Cameron dozed off that evening, Ken took the opportunity to try and pitch quarters into his mouth.
****They claimed this had more to do with open source development platforms than books about sparkly vampires, but I remain suspicious.
*****Okay, so there was only one. But still, it was worth it.

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  1. when you first told us about your new Wednesday feature, I thought "whinesday" instead of "winesday" and was excited about the a weekly feature focusing on complaining. I suppose the fact that my mind immediately went there, instead of the more obvious "winesday" speaks to some sort of personality defect of mine. 🙂

    Karen C


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