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Shoefinder: Two For Lisa

This week we have not one but two (two!) requests for Shoefinding, both coming from Lisa:

Who lives in a fabulous apartment in Manhattan (which is even more fabulous than the one she used to have), who needs some equally fabulous (and specific) shoes to go with it.

First, the simple desire for some low heels, appropriate for everyday wear and cute for wearing with either pants or a skirt. Do I have suggestions? Of course I have suggestions.

Studded Frye peep-toes. More versatile in the brown but I have a soft spot for the yellow.

Surprisingly cute wedge clog (now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d type), with the Cole Haan Nike sole, so likely to be comfortable. Which is good, because Manhattan is fabulous, but in a way that requires a lot of walking.

They’re perfect. They’re Prada.

Part II:

AKA, the tough part

The other assignment? To find some shoes to go with this skirt and do not make the wearer look like she purchased them with a wad of crumpled singles.

Mission accepted.

My first thought was “flats,” in keeping with the standard guideline of the higher the hemline, the lower the heel. But flat should not equal boring, and should definitely not make people look at you and think, “Oh, she’s wearing flat shoes because that’s a miniskirt. How practical.” People should never think the word “practical” about you when you’re wearing a sequined miniskirt. It defeats the purpose.


These are young and fun, a little logo-y without being obvious and stupid, and lively enough to enhance the skirt, without trying to drag it down into sensibleness.

The second thing I came up with was to balance the bareness of the skirt with some heavier shoes, like these or these. I’m less sure about this, but I think a more substantial (non-platform) heel pulls the look more towards “stylish” and away from being potentially “hourly.”

For that, I think these are perfect, and not just because Lisa picked them out from my accidental pre-publishing of the unfinished post.

On the other hand, there’s something to be said for letting the skirt be the star. Which I think is why, when I was first thinking about this one, my mind went straight to these.

Very bare, even for a sandal; you would certainly be more foot than shoe. But I like how the zipper trim toughens up the flower, and how it manages to be embellished and interesting without being sparkly.

Of course, one always has the option of looking vaguely silly. To that end, I present: the detachable shaft gladiator sandal:

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  1. D'oh! I don't know how this happened; this is a partial draft and it totally wasn't supposed to post yet. Maybe consider this a work in progress?

  2. Okay – I've wanted to say for awhile, but wanted to wait until my comment could pass under the radar: If I had a detachable shaft gladiator, I wouldn't need that skirt, now would I?


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